Palama Settlement to host the renowned 13th Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture

The 13th Festival of Pacific Arts and Culture  is proud to announce Palama Settlement as a distinguished performance venue on Friday June 7th to Saturday, June 8th, 2024 from 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. This partnership represents a powerful convergence of cultural celebration, community heritage, and artistic expression.

FestPAC is the largest celebration of indigenous Pacific Islanders, bringing together artists, cultural practitioners, scholars, officials, and the public from across the Pacific Islands and beyond. Since its inception in 1972, FestPAC has been hosted by different Pacific Island nations on a rotational basis, once every four years. The festival serves as an important venue for cultural conservation and revitalization, creativity and innovation, and cultural diplomacy for the Pacific community.

Kalihi-pālama is known as one of the places to welcome the first wave of migration of Pacific Islanders who have shaped the vibrant cultural landscape of the islands. Palama Settlement holds a rich history of service, resource, and connection to the Pacific Islander community for many generations.  It stands not just as a venue but as a living testament to the resilient spirit and cultural depth of these communities that honor such a rich legacy, while highlighting the ongoing contributions and resilience of Pacific Islanders to the world.

“Throughout the first wave of migration of Pacific Islanders to Hawaiʻi, Palama Settlement has met the multigenerational need of a community as diverse as Kalihi,” stated Sam Aiona, Executive Director of Palama Settlement. “From social work and immigration services in the 1970s, to current cultural youth programs that encourage our youth to learn and be proud of their cultural heritage, we welcome FestPAC to our home. E komo mai!”

“We have many little satellite stages, large stages, and the festival village at the Hawai‘i Convention Center.  Palama Settlement, Windward Mall – we’re having venues all over the mokupuni (island) so that we can reach the local communities.” said FestPAC project Manager Jayme Mokulehua.  “The thought and the work that is put into every little detail of this festival will be worth it so please come and experience all of these amazing cultures.”

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