Junior Fishing Champion!

Sunday February 8, 2015 was the 32nd annual Hawaii and Waikiki Yacht Club Jr. Fishing Tournament.

This was Palama’s 16th year participating in the event.
Twenty (20) youth from Palama come out this year. Many of them came with their parents to make it a fun family outing.

Photo from left to right:  Waikiki Yacht Club Staff Commodore Stan Thornton, Hawaii Yacht  Club Staff Commodore Al Bento, PK Mitchell, Waikiki Yacht Club Rear Commodore for Power Todd Rasmussen, and Jr. Fishing Tournament Co-Founder Jim O’Hara).

One of our youth, PK Mitchell, 12, years old, took first place with the biggest fish!
The kids enjoyed going out fishing on the member’s boats, a pool party and all you can eat BBQ. Afterward, there was an award ceremony and every kid walked away with a prize, even if they didn’t catch any fish.
Mahalo to the Hawaii and Waikiki Yacht Clubs for sponsoring this annual event and for inviting Palama to attend.

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