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Element 5 Ohana Mele online Music program

This is a five-week course, which consists of two weekly lessons. The first one is completed independently through Google Classroom. The second lesson will be a live Zoom session led by Mr. White. This session will provide the opportunity for the student to share their work, participate in group discussions and develop their creative writing skills.

Course 1: Poet’s Quest

Lesson 1: Acrostic Poem- Students will learn about and create their own acrostic poem, which they will use to introduce themselves and share their interests with the whole group.
Lesson 2: Descriptive Words- Students will learn to use descriptive words and imagery to convey a message or paint a picture for the reader.
Lesson 3: Song Structure, Bars, Poetry Stanzas- Students will define key terms, learn, and identify basic song structure, and use poetic form to write their own song chorus.
Lesson 4: The BPM Game, Finding a Title & Word Banks- Students will define key terms, be provided examples of the ranges of BPM, complete an assessment on BPM range comprehension using song samples in Kahoot, create their own word bank, and learn about the significance of song title selection.
Lesson 5: The Verse- Students will define verse, be provided examples and participate in a discussion about lyrics that contain engaging, lyrical, and unique verses, and write a full verse on the topic of creating a positive environment for themselves and for their community.

The next five-week course will focus on music and beat making.

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