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Pakolea Sports Program

Initiated in 1968, the Pakolea Program was created as a response to the low number of high school graduates from the Palama Settlement neighborhood. It was then called the Academic Achievement Program, based on the philosophy that sports participation could be a motivation to enhance academic performance. The name was changed to “Pakolea” meaning “train to grow straight” and in 1977 a social behavioral component was added to improve the interpersonal skills and relationships of the participants with their peers, parents, and community. Today, Pakolea focuses on positive character development, success in academic progress, and improvement in overall social-emotional functioning through increased pro-social behaviors and accountability for negatives ones for Palama Settlement’s youth.

Pakolea strives to help at-risk youth, ages 7-17, many of whom are from low-income households and neighborhoods, where they are susceptible to street influences such as gangs, juvenile delinquency, alcohol and drug use and abuse, smoking, lack of education, truancy and many other things. Staff and volunteers work to have a positive impact on these youth through sports, academics, and the teaching of skills to make wise and healthy lifestyle choices. Through different seasonal sports (football, basketball, and volleyball), participation is utilized as an incentive to improve academic progress and behavioral change in the schools and at home. Pakolea staff continues to find innovative ways to reach and engage youth and help them develop into responsible, healthy and productive adults.

Thinking about playing youth football at Palama Settlement? Meet Coach David Hughes and get briefed on the upcoming football season. Football registration will open at this orientation.
For more information, please contact Pakolea Manager Matthew Ornelles at (808) 848-2521 or via email at



Pickleball Program

Spring 2023
(Session runs from January 9 – May 26)
We are pleased to expand our Pickleball Program this Spring 2023. For optimal learning, separate instructional/play sessions will be conducted based on skill levels. Open play sessions have also been added.  The instructional/play program will be run by Kea Gillis and Margie Katras from January 11 – May 26.


BEGINNERS who want to learn the game, have never played, and don’t know the rules or how to keep score.

ADVANCED BEGINNERS who know how to play and keep score, but need to work on 1) movement, 2) serve consistency, 3) return control and consistency, 4) hand speed and control on a volley, and 5) how to drill with a partner below their level and above their level.

The INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED level participants will be learning through drills and play.
– Consistently places a serve in the court about 90-100% of the time; places it to the forehand or backhand side of the box
– Physically able to move to the kitchen line after the return in time for the next shot
– Returns hard serves directed to the forehand or backhand 85-100% of the time
– Controls medium-hard to hard hit balls from the baseline consistently with good directional control
– Volleys with good placement and good hand speed on hard hit balls at the body
– Able to do drills from the kitchen, transition zone, and baseline consistently with a partner to maintain a rally and to challenge the partner
– Feeds a ball to a partner (up or back) at 90%-100% consistency
– Understands the third shot drop, kitchen game, and reset option of the game; and is willing to try and work on them.

Cost for the sessions is $50 (includes up to 2 sessions per week, excluding holidays).

PLEASE NOTE THAT SUBMISSION OF ONLINE FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE ENROLLMENT; Requests received after a session is full will be placed on a waitlist. Registration requests will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

WITHIN APPROXIMATELY 2 WEEKS OF SUBMITTING THE ONLINE FORM, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED VIA EMAIL to confirm your enrollment (with fee payment instructions); or to inform you that the session is full and that you have been placed on the waitlist.


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