New Grant Established in Honor of Rebecca Kamp

Mrs. Rebecca Kamp often spent her days as a youth in Kalihi running through the campus of Palama Settlement.  Whether it was swimming, classes, or spending time with her friends, her memories of those times were happy and safe.  She often mentioned various stories and instances that occurred at Palama to her husband Leonard.  Upon her passing, it was only fitting that Leonard found a way to reconnect his wife to her youth.

Through the generosity Mr. Leonard Kamp, Jr, on behalf of his late wife, Palama Settlement has established the Rebecca Kwai Hin Kamp Memorial Fund with this gift of $111,000, which will support our youth sports Pakolea Program with participation scholarships, and to re-establish our Performing Arts Program.

The Pakolea Program offers tackle football, basketball, volleyball, and performance training, serving directly nearly 200 youth each year.  Participation fees can range from $25.00 to over $300.00.  The Rebecca Kwai Hin Kamp Memorial Pakolea Scholarship Fund will now be available for all families in need to offer more youth the opportunity to participate in our student-athlete program which provides academic and behavioral development along with athletic competition.  Mr. Kamp has graciously agreed to volunteer and serve on the Scholarship Selection Committee.

The cost for quality professional instruction in the performing arts can be high and volunteers who can provide this service are difficult to find.  This grant allowed Palama to start up the Rebecca Kwai Hin Kamp Performing Arts Program with free hula classes for youth and seniors, and ukulele classes for youth.

Leonard Kamp (left) with Palama Board of Trustees President Jarrett Walters

CLICK HERE for registration information on these classes and programs.  For additional information, please call the Recreation Division Office at 848-2503.

A big “Mahalo” to the Kamp family for this generous gift in support of the youth and seniors in our programs!

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